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Six Feet Away is a mobile application, impelled by the NFC (Near Field Communication), which spotted nearby people with shared interests.

The innovation brought by Sex Feet Away, compared with major players like Facebook, Foursquare or BonjourBonjour, stands in the integration of the NFC.
The Near Field Communication is a short-range wireless communication technology (up to 10 cm) which enable informations exchanges between devices. It is use, among others, by the Pass Navigo in Ile-de-France transport networks. When you get your smartphone close to the target NFC, the smartphone received the order to open the application with some settings (user ID, place ID,…). The user experience is simpler and more instantaneous than with geolocalisation and QR codes technologies.
The issue for the Six Feet Away work-group, was to comprehend a booming technology, destined to be integrated in all of the mobile devices, using its quickness and ease of use.

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