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The market of travel guidebooks has to be constantly updated to keep its data correct year after year. It is also an interesting market for the digital technology, in terms of enriched content as well as appropriation and personalization by its users.

Our group, made of four students of the master CEN (Création et Édition Numérique), imagined itself as a future publisher, selling its guidebook in 2042 to the comfortable terrestrial public. In our real perspective, we’re aiming at the general public, people with off-beat humor and SF fans.

2042_planches_animatedThis guide has three principal categories : “Practical”, “Activities” and “Culture”. The first one gives an answer to the basic expectations of users and helps them prepare their trip and their journey. The second one covers touristic activities, to discover the whole satellite. At least, the third one presents what makes the cultural wealth of the Moon (its History, its curiosities, its own culture, etc.). It’s in this part that we let go the most our creativity about the lunar culture we imagined, with, for example, informal dialect, playlist of the lunar musical hits or a fashion gallery.

We aimed at a connected and adaptable ebook, we also included a favorites system and windows of two invented networks in categories that call for comments and sharing between users. Spacesquare, a Foursquare equivalent, gathers reviews written by users and Inspacegram, Instagram twin, is a network of shared photos.


Prototype created by Adèle Girard (graphic designer), Béatrice Pinel (editorial), Alexandre Quemin (graphic designer) and Leïla Teteau-Surel (editorial).

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